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Schools, Groups & Fundraising

Raise Money for your School, Group or Charity!
Are you a school, group or charity looking to raise some vital funds?

If so, why not get in touch. We are always happy to donate a prize for your raffle or offer competition prizes!

School Visits
End of term parties, school trips or Christmas parties??? We have lots of fabulous fun with our school visitors. If your school are interested in visiting then why not get in touch and we can organise your day out at great competitive rates.  There is plenty of free parking.

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Group Visits, Registered Child Minders, Nannies & Foster carers
Did you know that we offer discounts to organised groups?

Childminder & Nannies rate Monday – Fridays before 3pm, for under 5’s in term time is just £3.25.

Just bring along your registration details, we will log you onto our system, then enjoy real savings. We offer, fun, affordable play for all.

Max Card or Sheffield’s equivalent – Carers Club
maxcard We are pleased to be able to offer a new discount initiative designed to make days out more affordable. Presentation of a valid Max card or equivalent card at the reception tills will admit each child with £1 off the entry price*.

Don’t forget adults and under 6 months old are already free of charge.

The Max Card scheme is a discount card which offers looked after children and children with complex needs discounted and sometimes free access to attractions.

If you think you may be eligible for apply for a Max Card then check out www.mymaxcard.co.uk

*Please note Max Card offers are available Monday to Friday during term time.


Purple Vouchers Pocketbook

The little book that makes a BIG difference to shoppers in the South Yorkshire/Doncaster and Leeds/West Yorkshire regions.

Every book sold will help to raise money to help local causes and with £1000’s in savings on products and services throughout the area, you’ll quickly recoup the costs of this book – then continue making savings throughout the year.

Check out the website www.purplevouchers.co.uk for a full list of the vouchers available.

The new edition will be able to purchase from Playmania as soon as it is released. We have a great deal in their too to save you a little money.